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Zack Martin Sr.

205 Brenda Lane

Enterprise, Alabama 36330

Telephone (334) 464-0808

Introduction Sheet: 42 years, Licensed & Ordained Minister of the Southern Baptist Faith. I served 12 Churches over the 42 year period. Eleven of the Churches as Minister of Music & Youth Pastor, and one Church as Pastor.

I attended Baptist Bible Institute in the early 1970s (It is now called The Baptist College Of Florida. In Graceville, Florida. Majored in Theology and Minored in Music. Graduated from Wallace Community College in 1971 (Associates Degree General Education and Electronics). Transferred these credits to " Baptist Bible Institute" in Graceville in 1972.

I served as Associational Music Director on two different occasions, for two different Associations (Dale Baptist & Columbia Baptist Associations). I served one term as Associational Youth Director (Dale Baptist Association).

I taught a Youth Camp Bible Study Class at two summer Youth Camps (Dale Baptist Association).

I directed Associational Adult and Youth Choirs for the Dale Baptist Association when I was Associational Music Director for Dale Baptist Association. I am a Singer Recording Artist with 4 CDs out on my Zack Martin Ministries Label. I am also a member of Indie Gospel Artists, an international organization that allows my music and my Articles to be publish on that network. I have had many Articles published on the network with comments from around the world. My music is also played on the Indie Gospel Artists Radio Station (A Streaming Network Radio StationThat Also Has a World Wide Audience. With comments from India, Pakistan, South America, Canada, and The United States, and Great Britain, and Northern Ireland.

I have been disabled since 2006 and I have relied solely on the Internet as an outlet for my ministry. Since I am confined to a wheel (Power) chair, I do most of my ministry from my computer (located in my bedroom). But with Gods guidance I reach more people now (around the world) than I did in 35 years of full time Church service. God has blessed my ministry, and given me many avenues of service, with the main avenue being Indie Gospel Artists. I cannot thank enough the vision that God gave to Ken Rich, the founder of the Indie Gospel Artists Network. This Network serves as an avenue for many Independent Artists and ministers (such as myself) to get their ministries out through the Internet to people around the world. SO A GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO KEN RICH FOR HIS ABILITIES AND VISION OF GETTING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST AROUND THE WORLD VIA MEN AND WOMEN MINISTERS AND ARTISTS OF GOD!

Even since my disability, God has opened up doors and ways of service within Indie Gospel Artists, Facebook, and other areas, including my own website:

God is a Great God, and serving Him is a Daily Blessing! Thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for His love and Blessings on my ministry. I have 3 facebook sights: (1) My normal site Zack Martin, my ministry site (2) Zack Martin Ministries, and my music sight: (3) Zack Martin Music. On the normal site just become friends, and on the other 2 sites, LIKE the sight and get material I write (on the Zack Martin Ministries page) and my music (on the Zack Martin Music page). These two pages are strictly to be testimony pages to reach people that need Gods help and/or His saving Grace.

I pray that each person finds me and my sights freely. In fact my Indie Gospel Artist page link is

You can check all of these sites out, and make comments, requests, and many other things absolutely free. On my CDs all I ask is a love offering, and if you cannot afford that, you will still get the product just for your asking. Whats the catch you ask? There is no catch, I do not depend on any of this for income. I have my own recording studio, and the knowledge of electronics to do all I need to do to make audio CDs & video DVDs, and also publish my writings. A special prayer request from you, not only do I write articles in the form of Blogs and Discussions, but I am now in the process of writing my first book (as yet untitled), but about how God took a poor raised farm boy and cultivated him into His minister of over 40 years of Service. I have and am seeking help for writing the book (a first for me). Your prayers for me are coveted. But, God has NEVER FAILED ME, AND I DONT FORSEE HIM FAILING ME NOW!

Thanks For Your Attention,

Rev. Zack Martin Sr.

Zack Martin Ministries

In His Name,
Rev. Zack martin Sr.

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