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I was just playing around with The Golden Echoes Album, "We Shall See Jesus." So I made it into a DVD. I've never done that before. I just took pictures of each of the members singing and place them in the music trying to match them to the singing.

"We Shall See Jesus," was originally recorded on a cassette tape in Raven Studios in Dothan, Alabama in 1986. I remastered it for CD in 2013. Now, here in 2014, I have made it into a DVD.

I served South Lena Baptist Church in Dothan for 11 years as Minister of Music and Youth Pastor. 8 of those years I also sang with a Southern Gospel Quartet, "The Golden Echoes," from that church. There was a lot of talent in the church, and the Quartet was entirely from the church. We were very popular in Southeast Alabama, and Southwest Georgia, and Northwest Florida.

We had live music backing us up, not soundtracks as is popular today. When we did the recording we did it just as we would a live concert with our own band. The only exception was that we had to hire a drummer for the session.

The members were (1) Tommy Danford - Bass Singer, (2) Beverly Danford (Tommy's Wife) - Tenor, (3) Irene Barron - Alto (Irene's husband, Neal, was the sound man on our concerts), (4) Zack Martin (Myself) - Lead Singer. The Band, (1) Mary Kirkland - Pianist (Mary is Irene's sister) Mary was a great pianist in her on right as you will hear listening to the recording. (2) Bass Guitar - Walt Creamer. I love how Walt would sometimes slap that bass (the song, "I Got My Foot On The Rock," is a great example of that) (3) Ray Tate - Lead Guitar. Ray was a self taught Guitarist, but was very good. (4) Meredith Johnson - Keyboard. Meredith was Tommy & Beverly's daughter (only 12 years old at that time, but did a great job on the keyboard).

We traveled so much that the church furnished us with a van to travel in. Weekends were busy times for us. Usually singing's Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday afternoons (Homecomings, etc). Then 2 services on Sundays, morning and evening (I was Minister of Music).

Below is a link to the DVD - it is about 25 minutes long, but in my opinion well worth watching. I hope you enjoy it.

Rev. Zack Martin Sr.

In His Name,
Rev. Zack martin Sr.

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