Starting a worship band in NC

Jerry Fuller
Jerry Fuller
8 years ago
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Frie nds,I really want to start putting together a praise and worship band near the Raleigh,NC area.A band to play existing music and record and play new ones the Lord has given me. I know we could do an amazing job spreading the gospel through music. Looking for all instruments.keyboards,Drums,Ba ss,Guitars etc. Please tell anyone you know or if your interested yourself,Please send me a message.Looking for people wanting to do a great work for the Lord.I pray for this to be put together by the Lord and His anointing to be upon it so lives can be changed and uplifted The Lord has given me many connections and i know we could stay busy. Look forward to hearing from you. I have a couple interested but need many more. God bless,Jerry

Connect with me on Facebook on my personal page and please go like my music page heres the links.God bless,Jerry

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