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Randy Ward
Randy Ward
8 years ago
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Ken I just wanted to get a few uproars going here or should I say the TRUTH. Did Paul preach a different gospel than Peter. Did Jesus preach a different one ? Did John preach a different one. I am a Pauline freak. The gospel was given to the Gentiles by PAUL as He received it from Jesus Bible College. The four gospels are under the law. Jesus preached and fulfilled under the law. Most preachers only preach the gospels. I am Dispensationalism.. The Jews actually thought and the disciples that was the end Jesus was coming back set up the kingdom. Didn't happen. Grace came on the scene. Tithing was a welfare system set up by God. Priesthood is done away with but preachers will put people back in bondage . Will you rob God you know the pitch. I am going to write a letter to the tv boys and tell them if you will send me a 1,000 it will be a blessing to you, sow in my ministry and lets see what happens. Anyhow just venting tonight great job you did on the rapture Ken. People just feel that if they aren't scoring brownie points with God or helping Him do something they are just maybe not going to make it. Faith +blood = salvation. done

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