It's Been A While!

Nate Fortner
Nate Fortner
7 years ago
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Hello Friends,

I've been staying pretty busy this year traveling singing, working my full time job, and running my business! It's been a good year, and I'm blessed to know who Jesus is! I'm glad to be a Christian today! Many of you know I brought my first album out back in April of this year, and it's really taken off well. I just came back last weekend from Monroe, NC. for the AMG Heritage Awards. I had such a great time there with other great Christian Artists. I was even nominated for "Male Vocalist of the Year" which I thought was so cool! I'll be doing a few concerts between now and December, but I'm going to pretty much be off for December. However, January and February look like my schedule will be packed out! Lovin that God is allowing me to live my dream! Thanks so much for allowing me to have a profile on your network, and God Bless!

Your Friend in Jesus Christ, Nate Fortner

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