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Every once in a while I receive some nice messages from the Artists themselves that gives us an idea what was behind a song or the artist themselves. This is from Mike Abrams. it was over at my other sife which I hardly ever go to anymore. Mike is our Country Artist of the Year. :)



I had heard long ago that the gospel record industry was owned by secular folks who advised their artists to always defer to the word God or Lord and not to use the words Jesus or Christ and to go even further not to mention the blood. I knew when I was told this that I would never get a record deal because no way I can sing in generic terms. Jesus is my only Hope!
That is one of the big reasons our radio music is so fluffy today and not in your face with the gospel.
The other part of the song that refers to our hero's is much the same in that the managers of our stars that we see on TV advise them also not to mention Jesus but to say God or Lord. This makes me sick when we have a celebrity who could thank their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for millions to hear but they choose otherwise.
As for the last verse, we were united after 911 for a small period of time as a country but it didn't last long. We as a nation are too tolerant of other religions. I think our founding fathers never meant for us to put up with the false religions of today. Almost everyone one of them was a true Christian and I mean a Christ follower, not belonging to the Mormon cult or the Jehovah witnessing cult or the Muslim cult and I could go on and on.
So this is where the song came from in my mind and I have many new ones that have yet to have music put to them. My writing style is all about my experiences in life and to try and teach or encourage in a song what has taken me many mistakes and trials to learn.
Thanks for all you do,

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