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Kela is an Atlanta native. She was raised in a small city called Milledgeville, GA. As a singer and songwriter Kela gravitates to her gospel roots and naturally has an Inspirational Gospel sound and genre. Currently Kela is working on an EP album, titled InspiredLove, which she hopes to release this summer. InspiredLove and Inspired.Love.Music are not stage names but are more so what the music embodies. It's the motivation behind her music. LOVE. Kela started singing at the early age of nine and has been professionally trained in both voice and piano. She has sung in schools, colleges, churches, parties, weddings, other events, and has won multiple competitions. The music that Kela creates is inspired by her LOVE of God. She hopes to invoke some measure of LOVE in you through her music. Look for the release of her InspiredLove EP album this summer, and the full Inspired.Love.Music: Volume I album soon after. Kela is also working hard to release new beats for other artists, to help skyrocket their songs to the next level.


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