Jack Marti


I'm a California transplant who lives in Tennessee and loves to sing and play guitar for Jesus!


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Turn, Turn, Turn (Pete Seeger cover) - sung by Jack Marti

Duration: 00:03:55
Here's my favorite scripture song from the book of Ecclesiastes put to music by Pete Seeger.To everything (turn, turn, turn)There is a season (turn, turn, turn)And a time for every purpose, under heavenA time to be born, a time to dieA time to plant, a time to reapA time to kill, a time to healA time to laugh, a time to weepTo everything (turn, turn, turn)....A time to build up, a time to break downA time to dance, a time to mournA time to cast away stones,A time to gather stones togetherTo everything (turn, turn, turn)....A time of love, a time of hateA time of war, a time of peaceA time you may embrace,A time to refrain from embracingTo everything (turn, turn, turn)....A time to gain, a time to loseA time to rend, a time to sewA time to love, a time to hateA time for peace, I pray its not too late


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