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The Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen (Luke 20:9-18) - as sung by Jack Marti

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Here's the latest in my series of Stories and Parables of Jesus in Song. The significance of this parable is the implications it has for leadership in the church today as it harkens back to how the prophets of old were shamefully treated and how God's Son was crucified rather than honored as our Redeemer. Blessings to all who listen and take this message to heart.

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A certain (G)man (C)planted a (G)vineyard,
and let it (G)forth to (C)husband(G)men,
(C)and (D7)went into a (G)far countEmry (A7)for a long (D7)time.
And at the (G)season he (C)sent a (G)servant
to the (C)husband(G)men,
that they should (D7)give him of the (G)fruit
(A7)of the vine(D7)yard:
but the (Am)husbandmen (G)beat him,
and (C)sent him a(D7)way emp(G)ty.

And a(G)gain he sent a(C)nother Gservant:
and they beat him (C)al(G)so,
and en(D7)treated him (G)shameful(Em)ly,
and (A7)sent him a(D7)way emp(G)ty.

And (C)again he sent a (D7)third:
and they (G)wounded (Em)him al(G)so,
and (D7)cast him Gout.

Then (C)said the lord of the(G) vineyard,
(C)What (D7)shall I (G)do?
I will (C)send my beloved (G)son:
it may (A7)be they will reverence (D7)him
when they (G)see him.

But (C)when the (D7)husband(G)men saw (Em)him,
they (C)reasoned a(D7)mong them(G)selves,
(C)saying, This is the (G)heir:
(A7)come, let us kill (D7)him,
(C)that the in(D7)heritance (G)may be (D7)ours.
So they (G)cast him (A7)out of the (D7)vineyard,
(C)and (D7)killed (G)him.

(C)What therefore shall the (G)lord of the vineyard (A7)do unto (D7)them?
(G)He shall (D7)come and des(Em)troy these husband(D7)men,
and shall (C)give the (D7)vineyard to (G)others.

And (G)when they (D7)heard it, (Em)they said, God for(D7)bid.
And he be(C)held them, and (D7)said,
(G)What is (D7)this then (Em)that is (D7)written,
The (G)stone which the (A7)builders re(D7)jected,
the (Em)same is become the (C)head of the (D7)corner?
(G)Whosoever shall (C)fall upon that Emstone shall be (D7)broken;
but on (Am)whomsoever it shall (C)fall,
it will (Em)grind (D7)him to (G)powder.

(G)Luke chapter twenty, verses (C)nine (D7)through eigh(G)teen.

Words: Jesus
Music: Jack Marti


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