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James B. Graham (Jim) has been writing songs now for over twenty years resulting in the current availability of three CDs "He'll Be There" released in 2004, "In His Presence" released early in 2005 and "He'll Never Change" released April 2006. Besides writing songs he has been active as a soloist, accompanied playing a classical guitar, sharing these songs. An easy listening style these songs emphasize God's continual care for His people and offer encouragement to the listener. Relaxing, reassuring and an enrichment to one's spiritual journey is a fitting description of these works. Available at www.cdbaby.com/jbgraham2



Location: Waterloo, Ontario
Country: CA

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All The Difference in The World

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Jean Winter
03/22/10 06:14:37PM @jean-winter:
Great Song James, Love it. God Bless Jean
James Banfield
04/10/10 09:18:14PM @james-banfield:
Yes... He does make all the difference in the World... James.... The songs you do have a quality about them that touches the heart... Blessings from one songwriter to another... James Banfield


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