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I'm retired from the Upholstery trade and now work in my recording studio which has always been a passion of mine, now writing and recording gospel music; using the talents the good Lord has given me to glorify Him.



Location: Eugene, OR
Country: US


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Goin' To That City

album: The Dusty Roads Experience
genre: Christian
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Goin' To That City by: Jerry Herrera
Train a Comin', goin' to that city (2)
Saint John he wrote it in the Revelation
About that city, comin' down from Heaven
It's an awesome city, and it's built four square
Ain't a gonna need a ticket, He's already paid your fare
Are you gonna be ready? will you meet me at the station?
If your heart is yearnin', please accept this invitation
Eternal city, people get on board
Just take the exit off the Broadway, onto the faith expressway
You'll find your way (echo)
On the straight and narrow highway
It will lead you to road of repentance
Then you'll come out on redemption highway
It will lead you to the crossroads
That will take you to the station
Conductor will be waiting, standin' at the straight and narrow gate
Waitin' for your arrival, so please be late, don't hesitate(X 2)
Well I'm goin' to a city, where the livin' is right
Goin to that city, where the LAMB IS THE LIGHT (X4)
Ooooooooh Ooooooooh out.
Reverbnation Book of Revelation - (21:16)
Goin' To That City
T. Roy Taylor
09/01/21 12:46:34PM @t-roy-taylor:

     CONGRATULATIONS Jerry! Your song "Goin' To That City" just entered #20 on:

     "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Country Top 20" chart for September 2021!

Jerry Herrera
09/04/21 05:42:35PM @jerry-herrera:

Thank you T.Roy Taylor!  Happy Much appreciation Brother!


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