Jim N Carolyn Barber


 We are country folks from TN that are SPIRIT FILLED, FORGIVEN, REDEEMED, HEALED, RESTORED, BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS. . We both love JESUS CHRIST with all of our hearts. We  married about 10 years...Jim has a son named Jordan (26) & I have a daughter, Stacy (43)...We don't believe in the word "step." We joined forces & now we got a family....The added bonus for Jim was that he got 2 grandson-Cody (21) & Cameron (16).... When we got married we found that we have 2 things in common (1) God (2) our love for music. We love to sing together. We may never be well known singers but we do love to use the gift of singing that God has given us..When we sing God is standing right there beside us...God has given us a talent & we are going to us it for Him.. Whatever God's Will is for our lives, we are willing to do...We are now singing with a newly formed group called " 4 HIS GLORY" It is ministry of music. May love, happiness & peace be with you... God bless you...Jim N Carolyn Barber 8974 Brundige Rd. South Fulton, Tn. 38257



Location: South Fulton, TN
Zipcode: 38257
Country: US


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album: Let's Get Happy
genre: Southern Gospel
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This is a tribute to Priscilla McGruder.I love this Spirit Filled Woman & her Ministry. She was truly anointed!!! She is in Heaven now with the One she truly loved-JESUS CHRIST.



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