Jimmy Workman


I am a Christian songwriter & singer of songs about Jesus. I have a beautiful wife and 4 great children. My little one, Jacob, keeps me young and tender, and seeing the world through the eyes of a little boy. I don't deserve a moment of pleasure, but God rains it down on me every day through my wife & family. I pray I will wake each morning praising the Lord, humble and seeking Him so strong that I won't even realize He is using me to do His bidding, drawing others to Him.

Sing About Jesus

album: White Stones
streams: 26

Sing About Jesus
T. Roy Taylor
01/03/21 08:39:31AM @t-roy-taylor:

This is the 2nd song on "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" by Jimmy Workman. "Sing About Jesus" Is uplifting with a foot-stompin' beat! If you haven't heard it give it a listen, click his " Follow" button and share it with your friends!


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