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Bio: Joanne enjoys listening to music as much as playing it. She started playing guitar at age seven, when a grade school teacher loaned her a guitar, she has her own style of play, her own statement is that " I want to sound Like me" (that is very important to her), being original and diverse, and she is able to adapt well to change. Joanne is interested in Christian music, she loves doing things for good intentions. Joanne likes being around people, She display's good social skills. Her accomplishments include playing guitar in two Local bands. She was the rhythm guitar player in Coolbreeze, and the bass player in the band FaultLine. Her music venues include: playing at Surftides Resort, Chinook Winds Casino, and other coastal community clubs. The band Coolbreeze participated in hosting a community fundraiser for the local food bank, They were the featured band and performed a outdoor concert during this event. Joanne has just finished her first EP album: Prayers and Praise. She is currently working on new music and is looking forward to a bright future


Location: Otis, OR
Zipcode: 97368
Country: US


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I Pray To U

album: Prayers and Praise
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I Pray To U


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