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A musical conversation, with Joey Russell: Singer-Songwriter Joey Russell, veteran songwriter, recording artist, former Grand Ole’ Opry performer, offers insight into his deep commitment to his Faith, Family and Country, with this 8 pack collection. “Rollin’ Thru The Night” is featured with it’s hard hitting lyrics exposing current events of our time. “Man of the cloth”, tells the story of former and current circuit rider preacher’s and gospel singer’s life experiences. ‘Always Say Grace”, reached the top 10 in January, 2015, tells the story of a father reminding his son to always be thankful. “Hold On To The Memories”, reminds us to take time to focus on the blessings of life. “Rescue Me”, reveals the cry for help in the time of need. “Take A Slow Walk”, explains the wisdom of taking a long slow walk before one speaks. “Point The Way”, speaks to us all to share the gospel to a world in need. “I Am A Miracle” the story of Joey growing up in the BlueRidge Mountains of Virginia, the rural hardships were the training ground of a life of faith, family and country. This 8 Pack collection is a musical conversation from the heart. Brand New Single: “Rollin” Thru The Night” Writer: Joey Russell, BMI Publisher: Joe Russell Music, BMI 1-702-303-1488 Joey Russell 8015 Aspendale Dr Las Vegas, Nv 89123 The musical poet Joey Russell will be celebrating childhood memories of his upbringing in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Born in Radford, Virginia, our simple life was not much different than most families around America during that era. This catalogue song collection expresses those fond memories. Joey's music makes the connection, shared memories of rural life, humble beginnings, family, faith and the dream of reaching success to make our family's proud. Joey and his wife, Kathy make their home in Las Vegas, Nevada and Virginia as they tour bringing fun and laughter making friends along the way………


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