What my life was like before I received Christ? I lived in Madurai a city in TamilNadu, India. Without Christ my life was based on drugs, violence, evil activities, bad friends, cinema and secular music. All these things seemed to fill in the hole in my heart and seemed like they were my real friends. I always had fun and never seemed alone. I had a dream to become rich and famous. So I moved to seeking a life that would fulfill my dreams. How I came to Faith in Jesus? My mother attended CSI church (Church of South India is a Missionary church and the foundation stone was laid by American and European missionaries and their sacrificial service for Indian’s.They were lived here as a model of Jesus Christ and owned thousands of souls for HIM.Now these churches are pioneer churches in India, for more information please visit www.wikipedia encyclopedia and type this ID - Church of south India) special meetings and began to start praying for me. A few years later God answered my mother's prayer. It was during this time I was struck in my studies. A tumor suddenly emerged above my right eye and I was restless. In this time I got a chance to choose Jesus as my best friend. A brother told me about salvation and prayed with me that I choose Jesus with all of my heart. Regarding my tumor, most of the chief doctors forsaken me, at that moment God answered my cry for help. A doctor called Dr. Syed Basudin took this challenge and successfully removed my tumor. Deciding to follow Jesus did not remove me from all of the evil temptations that I had surrounded my life with and it was a struggle accepting the victorious life that Christ has to offer. After that incident I spent years reading the word of God and allowing God to change me and heal me from all of the pain I had inside. His word and his spirit have totally transformed me into another person. How my faith has made a difference ? The change in me is like night and day. It has been my faith in Jesus is that has changed my life. I have found the greatest friend in Jesus. He as taken my broken rebellious life and given me a new one with him as the center of my heart. Once I understood the cross of Jesus Christ, my life was transformed. I understood that Jesus became (the atonement) my sin, that He exchanged his life for mine. The greatest changes in my life was a tough question for my friends and relatives. I got a chance to join in a youth fellowship ministry and in that place God taught me wonders about Him. I had so many new experiences allowing my spiritual life gradual growth,through quiet time with Him and living a life of His principals. The lord has opened doors for me to work with many ministries, as a childrens' minister, youth minister, prayer cell leader, worship leader, Evangelist, youth counselor, Mentor, trainer, coordinator, volunteer and now a Bible Teacher. When I was living for myself I thought that being rich and famous would fulfill my dreams, but now that I have allowed God to have my life and my future I am amazed. A critical situation came to my life through my sister's life, at a time when she was depressed God answered our prayer and gave her new life. Which moved me to help the hopeless in this world and with the help of Jesus I became a full time minister. I have been a full time minister for the past eight years. I am married now and raising a family, while living out my ministry with reliance on Christ to meet our needs so that I can reach out, serve and lead others to His Victorious Life.


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