john layne


Musician, electrical engineer...formed the worldwide band Aeon's Promise. Many styles of music to reach out to all walks of life.


Location: Afton, VA
Zipcode: 22920
Country: US


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Hear The Sound

album: Chrystal Masses and the Streets of Gold
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video file: 25.7MB, 00:03:38

john layne
05/25/15 02:06:09PM @john-layne:

 I hope you enjoy the performance, ..Made possible only by the saving mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am self taught and really not much of a theory hound, concerning music. I am a sound chaser, it is the same in my walk with God. I truly believe as we envision Heaven, even in our limited sight, it gives us a point to walk towards. Jesus teaches us His way in the Bible ,and in that contrast of reality between God and man we see today, in the world and in nature. We are called to a world that drenched in the spirit of God through Christ.

Hear the Sound?


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