John Randolph


While John's background is deeply rooted in Country and Southern Gospel Music, he uses a rich blend of musical styles and genres to touch the hearts of those in attendance and demonstrate that music truly is a universal language that speaks to people from all walks of life. His songs are used like a roadmap that has been filled with great joy and at times overwhelming frustration, to a point where God’s love has broken through to deliver not a perfect life – but a life that is lived for Him! From a life that seemed perfect to the world, to a point of ultimate decision to cease his running and "answer the call," John’s words will speak to the hearts of those in attendance to see that God did not create us to be spectators in life. God’s desire and plan is to use each one of us – the qualified and the unqualified – to spread the word of His saving grace and eternal life.



Location: Grand Saline, TX
Zipcode: 75140
Country: US


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Caney Creek Blues Jam - Harris Benefit Concert

Duration: 00:06:53
It's become tradition when we get together with the Crossfire Gospel Band to end our concerts with an impromptu, totally off the cuff, Christian Blues jam. Hope you enjoy the words that God gives us as we jam for Jesus. Crossfire Gospel Band, John Randolph and Casey Rivers.


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