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"The Loudermilks Gospel Group" is a southern/country Gospel Group out of South Charleston, West Virginia. We are an all family group that was originally founded in 1948. The current members have been singing together for about 17 years. We strive to spread the word of God as far & wide as we can. 



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When Heaven Comes Down

album: The Sacrificial Lamb
genre: Country Gospel
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audio file: wav, 45.6MB, 00:04:30

This was written by our very own Jon W Loudermilk back in 2005. He wrote the song inspired by his Grandpa. His Grandpa passed away shortly after & went on to Heaven. It describe the journey to Heaven & the things his Grandpa might have seen along the way. He was a marine Veteran & Jon also produced a military honoring video for this song through YouTube. 

When Heaven Comes Down


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