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12/04/15 12:39:40AM @bless-you:

Wonderful !! May you be blessed and walk with the lord.. life is not easy. But with G-D all things are possible as it is written!!!

02/05/15 04:30:52PM @joyanntasker:

I have been married now to my husband for 20 years it is my second marriage and i have 3 children with my first husband and a daughter with my present husband who after years of trying for our own child was concieved due to a miracle! My Heavenly Father promised me through scripture that we would be blessed with our own baby.

I live in the UK in the country of Wales and it is a beautiful part of the country to live in not far from a national park which is a mountainous area and many tourists visit North Wales each year.

I have been a born again believer for 18 years nearly and it was the most blessed experience of my life to be called by Almighty God Himself and to know the risen savior Jesus Christ is truly amazing and my life has never been the same since.

I have served over the year in the fellowships i have attended mostly with children being part of Youth work and leading Sunday school for the 3-5's how many have become born again since those days when the word of God was planted in their hearts, i often wonder about that, when i go to be with the Lord i shall know. 

My life now is busy promoting the charity work of WAAOM which stands for "we all are one ministry" and 2014 was when i joined the organisation. Over the past 12 months we have seen many more children sponsored and we also have 3 widows to date receiving monthly financial help. Our work continues on and we faithfully post the albums of the Orphans and Widows under the care of WAAOM who are still hoping that the good Lord will bring many more warm hearts who will want to give the gift of financial blessings!

I have until 12 months ago worked within social care mostly with youth and young children in residential care and also those who have special learning difficulties. i was heartbroken when sadly due to a chronic illness i have i had to resign, but God is good and has provided me with the responsiblity through WAAOM of caring on the behalf of many others.

I have recently become a distributor for the Company Forever Living who sell in 158 countries world wide. i tried one of their aloe vera gel drinks which has been specially formulated for people who suffer fibromyalgia (me), cfs, lupus, rheumatoid and osteo athritis and other similar conditions and i can honestly say that i have seen improvements in my condition even after a short time of taking this. I have a link to my own store should others like to browse the extensive range of health and wellbeing products, skincare range, beauty and sports nutrition range. My desire is go give a good % of profits made to the work of WAAOM and for the glory of God.


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