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AM kAGWA ROGERS ,from Uganda,Africa,working with Action international Ministries as minister and children's worker. My first official position as a licensed minister and Bible school graduate was a full time janitor of a large church. I spent 2 years cleaning bathrooms,emptying trash,vacuuming meeting rooms,picking up the grounds and other dull but necessary tasks. I didn't enjoy this job ,it wasn't easy and its was humbling. But i knew God had asked me to do it, and it was some of the the best preparation for learning to serve the body of Christ that i could ever have received . It was truly a test of my faith fullness. My obedience to this assignment and diligence in carrying it out led me to the open door for the next assignment , and so on which each ministry assignment through the years. I have pionneered churchs ,taught Youth,pastored churches ,spoken at conferences,led mission teams,evangelised and much more. And some how , by Gods grace,over the 7 yrs period,the Lord prepared me and led me to the place of now working with Action international ministries as minister and childrens worker and Director of Reach to orphans in Love and service [project] which reaches out to the orphans. I fully believe i couldnot be working with Action international ministries and having aproject [ROILAS] IF I had not been willing to obey the Lord to the best of my ability all along the way. But over all,idid my best to keep following the path of obedience that God had set before me. God has aplan for our life ,he knows best how to lead you to fillfull it . Looking to the future am looking for christian people to join me in my chse to help the beautifull friendly children of Africa.



Location: JINJA
Country: UG

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