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Bio Karen Showell is a humble, yet an awesome Graphic artist and Gospel singer. She has traveled extensively around the world, including Europe, Japan and Canada. A shy girl, Karen gained confidence through her singing, which she did every Sunday in the choir in the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her Great- Grand Father the late Emit Hill Sr. Was the Pastor and founder of the church. Karen recorded her first single when she was just thirteen years of age. Her hit single 'I'm just a little girl in love and We’re not too young to fall in love, written by Jackie Beavers co-writer of Someday will be together by Diana Ross and the Supremes. In her later years, Karen moved to Tustin California, where she sang background for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. Karen went on to sing as opening acts for such superstars as B.B. King, Mille Jackson, and the late David Ruffin, just to name a few. Karen is married to Pastor Bradley Showell. Together they had four beautiful children. Joy, Diamond, (Deceased) Courtney, and Jeremy. Karen understands that her voice and her graphic talent are instruments and they will always be used for God’s glory alone. Karen’s graphic art and music are raw and powerful. Karen is a songwriter. Karen also writes Christian Poetry and Short stories. Karen has never really been concerned about becoming a superstar. Her concern is that Jesus Christ shines within her. Karen's songwriting, graphic artwork, and music has blossomed into more mature, meaningful material because her focus is on her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Karen has made it no secret that she has struggled with years of drug addiction. She is not proud of the past, but she is proud of the fact that she has overcome her addiction. Karen has made it her mission to help others who are struggling with their addiction. She is also in the process of writing her biography called 'Finally free'. In her biography Karen talks about how hard it was making it to the other side. She states that “it could’ve been a lot easier if she had just let go and let God”, but instead of turning it over to him, she kept trying to quit on her own. She finally realized that every time she tried to quit, in a manner of a few months or sometimes even a year, she would be right back to doing drugs again. It was only when she completely gave it over totally to God that he delivered her once and for all. She now realizes that there is a difference between her quitting and God delivering her. She knows that being off drugs is a gift from God and that she would never abuse the gift that he has given to her again. Karen turns to her artwork and gospel singing as a release from her drug addiction. It is her mission to help others to get free from drugs. Karen realizes that it is only because of God's grace and mercy that she is drug free today. It is because of her gratefulness that she chooses to use our craft only for the glory of God. Karen is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel. Karen lives to spread the Gospel of her wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through her artwork and music. She is bold in preaching the Gospel, yet at the same time she very loving in her approach to spread the good news. She is not ashamed of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Karen's music and artwork inspire others to become more Christ like. She is very humble and down to earth. Karen continues to keep it real as she spreads the good news of Jesus Christ. Karen is on a natural high, when she is writing, doing her artwork and performing for her Lord. Her music and art is a must have for any person that is going through the fire.


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Please Check out my New CD

By Karen Showell, 2015-06-19

Please Check out my New CD

If you need to be uplifted and encouraged, then this is the CD for you.

Thank you for listening.


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We shall not be defeated

By Karen Showell, 2015-05-20

We shall not be defeated


We shall not be defeated. This is the reason why.

We serve a God, who is all powerful; our mutual friend is standing by.

 He knows all about us. Jesus is his name.

Although we often fail Him, His mercy remains the same.


He knows all about our lives, from the beginning to the end.

However, He forgives us daily, removing all of our sins.

 The devil tries to harm us, continually causing us to fall down.

Nevertheless, Jesus is always right there, picking us up off of the ground.


The enemy tries to rob us of the peace that our God gives.

Even so, we will trust in the Lord, for in Him, we truly live.

 As we call on our sweet Jesus, and tears began to flow.

He reminds us That He forgave our sins, a long, long time ago.


We shall not be defeated, for we keep our eyes upon His face,

We know we are victorious, because of His mercy and grace.


Published By: Karen Showell

Edited By: Courtney Showell

7/10/1998  © Copywrite

"When you are hurting"

By Karen Showell, 2015-05-20

"When you are hurting"


When you are hurting and you

don't know what to do.


Just call on matchless Name of Jesus,

for He cares what is happening to you.


When friends and family, just cannot understand,

Jesus knows what you are feeling, for He is not like man.


He is the great Comforter, He will calm your every fear.

He will always be there, to wipe away your tears.


Everything that you are going through,

 Jesus has already been there.


He is able to feel your hurt and pain,

and He will answer your prayers.


But you must learn to trust Him,

in the good times and in the bad.


He will give you unspeakable Joy,

when your heart is feeling sad.


Don't wait another minute,

call on Him today.


For Jesus Christ alone, 

can make a way out of no way.


Written by: Karen Showell

May 10th 2000



"When you are hurting"

By Karen Showell, 2015-05-20

"When you are hurting"


When you are hurting and you

don't know what to do.


Just call on matchless Name of Jesus,

for He cares what is happening to you.


When friends and family, just cannot understand,

Jesus knows what you are feeling, for He is not like man.


He is the great Comforter, He will calm your every fear.

He will always be there, to wipe away your tears.


Everything that you are going through,

 Jesus has already been there.


He is able to feel your hurt and pain,

and He will answer your prayers.


But you must learn to trust Him,

in the good times and in the bad.


He will give you unspeakable Joy,

when your heart is feeling sad.


Don't wait another minute,

call on Him today.


For Jesus Christ alone, 

can make a way out of no way.


Written by: Karen Showell

May 10th 2000



Heaven's Grocery Store

By Karen Showell, 2015-05-20

Heaven's Grocery Store

As I was walking down life's
highway many years ago
I came upon a sign that read
Heavens Grocery Store.

When I got a little closer
the doors swung open wide
And when I came to myself
I was standing inside.

I saw a host of angels.
They were standing everywhere
One handed me a basket and said
"My child, shop with care."

Everything a human needed
was in that grocery store
And what you could not carry
you could come back for more.

First I got some Patience.
Love was in that same row.
Further down was Understanding,
you need that everywhere you go.

I got a box or two of Wisdom
and Faith a bag or two.
And Charity, of course,
I would need some of that, too.

I couldn't miss the Holy Ghost
It was all over the place.
And then some Strength and Courage
to help me run this race.

My basket was getting full but I remembered I needed Grace,
And then I chose Salvation for
Salvation was for free
I tried to get enough of that to do for you and me.

Then I started to the counter
to pay my grocery bill,
For I thought I had everything
to do the Masters will.

As I went up the aisle I saw
Prayer and put that in,
For I knew when I stepped outside
I would run into sin.

Peace and Joy were plentiful,
the last things on the shelf.
Song and Praise were hanging near
so I just helped myself.

Then I said to the angel
"How much do I owe?"
He smiled and said
"Just take them everywhere you go."

Again I asked "Really now,
how much do I owe?"
"My child" he said,
"Jesus paid your bill a long, long time ago."

He hung in there!

By Karen Showell, 2015-05-20

He hung in there! 


This is a true story!

I was riding on a bus one day and I had just gotten off of work. I was tired and my feet were hurting really bad. To be honest I just did not feel like being bothered. Suddenly, a little, old black woman came and sat down next to me. She asked me a simple question, “How are you doing?” 

I looked her with a “Don’t bother me” attitude. I knew that I was wrong because my mama had taught me better. My mother had always taught me to have the utmost respect for my elders, and if she had of been sitting next to me that day on the bus, she probably would have smacked me dead in the face for being so disrespectful. I answered the little old lady. “Oh! I'm hanging in there; my feet are killing me!” That little, old, black lady looked at me like she was taken back. 

She said to me, "Little girl, let me tell you one thing. You look like you are having a rough day, but there was a man that lived over 2000 years ago and HE had a ROUGH day! Do you think your feet are hurting?” she said. 

“Try letting someone drive a seven inch nail in your feet and then let me know how your feet are feeling.” She let me know that, His feet really were killing Him. I sat straight up like a bolt of lightning had just hit me. Then she said to me “And another thing young lady, don't you know that Jesus Christ hung in there, so that you and I don't have to hang in there?” 

I felt like someone had just hit me in the head with a sack of nickels, and it was like a light bulb came on in my head. I just put my head down and began to weep. When I looked up, I wanted to apologize to the women so full of wisdom, but when I looked up, she was gone! 

I started pulling on the little lever to try to stop the bus driver, so that I could catch the little women. I ran to the front of the bus and I asked the bus driver had he noticed what stop the little, old, black women had gotten off on. 

I was just hoping that maybe I could meet her there another day to apologize. The bus driver was looking at me like I was crazy! He said “Miss I am sorry, but there has not been any little, old, black women on my bus today. As a matter of fact, you were the only women that rode my bus today!” 

I just stood there in awe. I went back to my seat shaking my head. 

I never forgot that day. To this very day, I believe that God had sent an angel to teach me a BIG lesson on how to treat people. I thought of the Scripture in Hebrews 13:2, from the Living Translation Bible. It says, “Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!” 

Written by Karen Showell copyright © 6/13/1990

Amazing Love

By Karen Showell, 2015-05-19

Amazing Love

There is no one on this earth that I love more than my beautiful Jesus! 

There is no one on this earth more important to me than my Beautiful Jesus. 

This is what I have tried to portray in Christian walk and everything that I do. 

Do I mess up? Yep! every day!

Do I struggle with sin? Yep! every day! 

If you are honest you will admit that you do too.

I just thank God that He does not hold our sins against us. 

I thank Him for His precious Blood.


We as Christians, need to stop judging one another and start praying for one another. 

My grand mother used to always tell me, "when you point your finger at someone, accusing them of sin, you got three fingers pointing right back at you." 

Now ain't that the truth?

Jesus is everything to me. He is my best friend and I can trust Him, when I can't trust anyone else. You can too!

I love Him with every fiber of my being and I know that he loves me even more.

He loves you the same way. 

I have been walking with the Lord, for over thirty years and He has never once let me down. He will never let you down either.

The devil wants to make it appear that God is not hearing your prayers, but Trust me, HE IS!

If the devil can keep your mind on worrying about things that we have no control over, then he can get your focus of of Jesus. 

He wants to cause you to lose your faith. 

Would it surprise you to know that worrying is a sin?

Well let me tell you, It is!

What you are saying to God, is that you do not trust Jesus to do what His word says!  Now this may be a little harsh, but what we are saying, when we worry, is that God's word is not true, because if we really believe what God says, then we would know that He is not like man. He does not lie like man. So what we are really saying is he is a liar?

Don't let that shock you, When God first revealed that to me it hit me hard too LOL!

But I learned a lesson from it. 

Don't let the devil trick you with his lies.

The devil is the liar!

Do not let him win.


Don't you know that you are a winner?

You because a winner the moment that Jesus got up out of that grave! 

It is because of Jesus that I am not afraid of death. 

Am I ready to go?

No! Not yet, because I still have work to do for Jesus! 

One day I will share with you why I am not afraid of death and what God allowed me to experience about death and heaven.God had to take me almost to the point of death to experience, just a taste of what Heaven is going to be like.

The only thing is it is very frustrating, and hard to explain in human words, what I experienced, and what the Lord allowed me to go through. 

Just know, when I tell you that if you really love Jesus with all of your heart, you do not have to fear death!

The Bible says in, 1st Corinthians 15:55

Jesus took the sting out of death!

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?"

Jesus took care of ALL of that for us and He will meet us at deaths door!

He loves you so much!


He never judges us. 

When we mess up, 

He never holds our sins against us. 

He simply loves us out of our sins. 

God loves all of His children this way. 


He loves us all unconditionally.

That is what I love about him the most. 

Our minds will NEVER be able to FATHOM HIS LOVE. 

Because there is NO LOVE like it on this earth!

Trust me, When I tell you that! 

Our beautiful Jesus is awesome. loving, merciful and kind!

I went to Bible school for two years and the only thing that I learned was about how merciful, kind, and loving, Jesus really is.


Just know that Jesus has your back!

Who else would give up their life to save a sinner like you and I?



Written by Karen Showell© Copyright



Don't worry!

By Karen Showell, 2015-05-19

Don't worry! 


The Bible shows us in Philippians 4:6. that God clearly commands us not to worry, but still we as Christians do. 

The word of God says, 

“Do not be anxious [do not worry] about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

God also tells us that we should not worry about physical things, 

such as clothing or food. 

He assures us that He knows our needs and He promises to take care of them. 

God is not a man that He can tell a lie! 

If His word says it, then that's what it means. 

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it! 


In Matthew 6:26, in the New Living Translation Bible clearly states, 

Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are? 


He promises that he will take care of the birds and then he asks us a question. 

He asks, Are we more valuable than the birds of the air? 

When you think about it, it is pretty silly huh? 

We know that we are more valuable than any bird. 

If God promises to take care of the bird, than we should know without a shadow of a doubt that he is going to take care of our every need. 

Does this mean that things will not get hard sometimes? 

Of course not. 

It is a part of life. 

We are all going to have our problems. 

The victory is in how we handle the problem. 

We can choose to do one or two things, 

We can sit around and weep and moan, or we can to get up and put on some praise music, and praise God until our miracle comes! 

That is what I am choosing to do! 

What about you? 

Are you with me?! 


God wants us to know that He is concerned about our every need. 

It does not matter how big or small the problem is. 

God is concerned because He cares. 

He wants us to come to him with anything and everything, even if the sound silly to us. Worrying is just a part of our human nature. 

So how do we overcome our worries? 

The answer is very simple. 

In 1st Peter 5:7, 

the Bible tells us to cast our cares upon the Lord, because he cares for us. 


This means our anxiety too! 


God does not want us trying to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. 

Number one, our shoulders are not big enough. 

We cannot change anything until God changes it anyway. 

So what's the sense and sitting around worrying? 

God promises not only to meet our needs, but to give us the peace that passes all understanding. 

Read Philippians 4:7 

All God asks of us is that when we come before him with our concerns that we will be humble and grateful. 

He loves it when we come to him. 

Think about how much you love your own children or your loved ones. 

If you see that your children or loved ones have a need, you will move mountains to make sure that they have what they need. 

Well, our loving father feels the same way about his children. 

The difference between Him and us is that he really CAN move mountains. 

If we were not Christians, then I think we would have to be concerned. 

But as long as you are a child of God, you do not have to worry or fear. 


Worry and fear are the devils two biggest tools that uses against Christians. 

If the devil can get your mind worrying about how you are going to solve a problem, or that problem, then he knows that you will not have time to sit down at the feet of Jesus and talk to Him about what is going on in your life. 


The devil loves to keep you afraid. 

He loves to paralyze you with fear! 

That way you won't make a move at all! 


It is time that we as Christians take our rightful authority that Jesus has given us, and tell the devil where he can go! 

As a matter of fact the devil is the one that need to be worried about US! 

Especially since God has given us all power! 

So the next time the devil tries to put those thoughts of fear and worry in your mind, you tell him that you are a child of God and that he has no control over your life. 


I dare you to start giving Jesus the praise! 

Praise Jesus in advance for what He is going to do. 

I guarantee you that, you won't be disappointed at what He will do! 


Written by Karen Showell

© Copyright 2014

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