Splash Page Contest

Ken Rich
12/13/12 01:42:09PM

Part of the promotion for this project will come from a slash page contest. I have installed special software at our Eagle Ads site for creating splash pages with statistics tracking.

You can see clicks in your admin panel, but from my admin panel I see everyones impressions, clicks, and unique clicks from unique URL's. It's the latter which will be counted in the contest, for fairness.

Only if someone clicks through your splash page to our project will it be counted, and it has to be a unique URL. 100 clicks from the same location only count as 1 click.

Splashpages can be unique and inventive but must be approved before being released. Inappropriate content that would hurt our "brand" or cause legal issues, will not be approved.The " Official Splashpage " is recommended unless you think you can do better, or want to theme your marketing approach.


1) Top prize will be recognition as " Top Promoter " on a special insert in the prestigious compilation Cd being produced by Dennis D' Amico. Your talents will be known far and wide, including by some very influential people, and who knows what that will lead to?

2)Large advertising packages from 4 different marketing companies. More details later...

3) A small to medium sized copywriting project from Scott Janes

4) 1 year free hosting with ctservers.com

Want to get linked here? Offer a prize to help drive our contest, and we will include you.