Born February 5, 1962, in Marion, Indiana, but, Lace Tomus grew up in the Deserts of Arizona. Lace began to sing at age 3 wowing audiences world wide. Strong vocals are just part of her music. Tomus has worked with many artist worldwide. Recording backup for Studios, bands and much more. Lace has recorded albums, both Country and Gospel. Lace is one of the favorites today both in Country and Gospel.

Lace Tomus has found her hints in a blend of rocking, uplifting country that hints at a range of influences from Gospel Singer Vestal Goodman, Dottie Rambos and Country Singers Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. Passion is evident from the very first note, and her considerable talent allows her to segue from whisper-quiet reflections to barn driven, honky tonk hell raisin' romps with ease. Tomus's in control and loving' it..


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4 Going In Style

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4 Going In Style


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