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LaShanda Lewis is a wife, mother of three, Praise and worship leader at Faith Covenant Fellowship Ministries in Elk Grove,IL and a blossoming songwriter. She believes In pure unrestrained worship that ministers to the heart of God the Father.



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album: No Fear
genre: Worship, Christian Contemporay, Gospel
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T. Roy Taylor
01/17/20 01:51:46PM @t-roy-taylor:

What a beautiful, professional recording sharing how the Lord and

 only the Lord can free us. Makes you want to stand up, raise your hands

and get lost in worshipping our Lord as we sing along and listen.

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T. Roy Taylor
01/15/20 03:21:02AM @t-roy-taylor:

LaShanda you have been entered on the new "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20 Chart"

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