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Marcia Escobosa is a songwriter, keyboardist and rhythm guitar player. She founded her own band, Moment of Truth in 2001 and writes Christian rock/ hard rock music. Influences include eclectic rock styles, with a passionate melodic emphasis. Writing styles include hard rock, ballad rock, alternative, blues, pop, metal, progressive and more. Christ is the key inspiration and emphasis, and she performs in all venues from nightclubs to outreaches, churches and events.


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Eternal Victor

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Eternal Victor
T. Roy Taylor
05/04/20 03:47:13PM @t-roy-taylor:

Congratulations Marcia!

Your song "Eternal Victor" was just entered at Number 10 on:

"T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" 

for May 2020!

T. Roy Taylor
05/04/20 10:19:38AM @t-roy-taylor:

Powerful lead and background vocals. Spirit filled lyrics with a strong message. Marcia has written

another Top Christian Rock song that will still be played and listened to when we've all left

this earth to go and be with the Lord.

T. Roy Taylor - "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20"


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