Margie Rose


Margie a Singer Songwriter Guitarist. At the age of 17 realized , the gift that God had placed in her heart and bring joy understanding laughter thru music..Being self taught on guitar, ventured into learning all styles of music.. Little did she know God had a plan for her to sing of His love , Mercy , Grace through His Word in Music...So with that said,,Its all about Jesus.. Worship Leader 4years and Worship Team 10yrs , Minister of Music for about 30yrs..She has writtern, children songs, pop and easy listening ontemporary christian acoustic Rock... When listening to the embracing lyrical contents Of her songs, radiates the love of Jesus leaving you in His hands....


Location: Chatsworth, CA
Zipcode: 91313
Country: US

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Song of Mattea Music Video

Duration: 00:03:29
Video about Horses Embracing Lyrical Content about the strength and beauty or the horse...a magnificent gift to mankind...A Gift is given and spoken of all around the world...Mattea means giff of God in Hebrew and Italian....Everybody need a Mattea in their life!( this video supports the cause of horse rescues, therapeutic riding centers for handicap children and saving Americas Wild Horses..


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