Marq Andrew Speck


Lead vocalist / keyboard player for Sweet Crystal. 25 time Detroit Music Award winners for Outstanding Gospel/Christian Act and more...much, much more



Location: Canton, MI
Zipcode: 48188
Country: US


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Sweet Crystal "In Your Name" (Official Lyric Video)

Category: Entertainment
Duration: 00:04:19
"Some days seem so hard..."
and with those words Sweet Crystal once again looks over who we are and what we've done to our lives, our world, our very destinies.
Thankfully there is a welcoming light at the end of everyone's tunnel, a hand for everyone in need of one and a cause for all of us to look up... from where our deliverance is coming. Our sincere thanks to Dave Kruse and KruseFX ( for this beautiful vision of our song and to Chuck Alkazian and Pearl Sound Studios for this remix of classic Sweet Crystal.


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