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I am a full time singer/writer/recording artist... I am also a multi Award Winning Artist I was honored to receive CGMA "New Female Artist 2010 Silver Heart Award" and CGMA "New Female Artist 2010 International Golden Heart Award. I was honored to receive " Female Vocalist 2011" Agape Fest Awards. I also was honored with the CGMA Full Time Female Vocalist 2011 Silver Heart Award. I have 3 sons, 1 daughter in love and 2 beautiful grandchildren! I love adventures and I seem to always be on one or about to be! I have my own blogtalk radio show called, "New Creation Nation, From the Heart of Country!" I was Born Again March 14, 1971 At Beach Street Missionary Baptist Church at age 10 in Crossett, Ar. I started singing at a young age and didn't really understand the call of God on my life until I was about 20. I remembered singing and grown men weeping as I sung "Just Build my Mansion" when I was a child. Of course now I understand, God wants to use me to heal people spirit, soul, and body. I have a testimony of being healed from severe depression and knows how God can lift you up and heal you from the most dysfunctional childhood. I was deserted at the age of 10 and can truly say God is a Father to the orphan. I know there is nothing God will not forgive you for or save you from. I am licensed and ordained through World Ministry Fellowship in Dallas Tx. I am a graduate of New Creation Bible Training Center in El Dorado, Ar and I am anointed to minister God's Word through teaching, as well as music and exhortation. I recorded my first gospel album, "I'm Gonna Shout It Out" with nine songs I wrote about the blood of Jesus, the life of God, and victorious living through Christ. I teach the uncompromisable Word of God showing the people how to receive what is already theirs. How to live in victory in every situation in life and how to overcome the past. I believes Jesus set a standard for His people and we should learn how to live according to that standard. Not below it. The love of My life is Jesus. Nothing gives me greater joy than to see men, women, and children saved, filled with God's Spirit, delivered from satan, strongholds, and soul bondages, healed, and taught how to live their life in Jesus Christ. This ministry is based upon the integrity of God's Word, the blood of Jesus, the authority of the believer, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. My message is that Jesus lives in Born-again man, giving every believer the ability to live a holy life before God. I minister what Jesus accomplished through the Death, burial, and resurrection. In other words my message to the body of Christ is: "Christ in you, the hope of glory!" Colossians 1:27 I will tell you more about me later!


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Its Called Good News

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Its Called Good News
T. Roy Taylor
06/30/21 09:21:33PM @t-roy-taylor:

"Gonna Make Sure It Gets Around - It's called Good News"!!! Marsha Sue Mitchell can sing and deliver the " Good News" in this Christian country foot-stomper! Give it a listen!

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