In the mid 60s James Marvell formed several garage bands in Florida. His love for country music was ignited when Bobby Bare's uncle Johnny Bare took a teenage Marvell under his wing to teach him country songs latter becoming lead guitarist for James Marvell's early country bands. In the late 60s, James teamed up with the band Mercy. Their solid gold classic "Love Can Make You Happy" placed Marvell and Mercy in Billboard and the CASHBOX the top 10 with Elvis, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles. Then in the early 70s, Marvell came back to Country Music with another Mercy member by the name of Buddy Good. They formed the duo Country Cavaleers and were booked nationally with the help of their manager John Centinaro. Marvell is still recording and has had a string of Gospel hits. In the last 25 years he's had many #1 songs in Christian Country and Country Gospel.


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