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I recieved so many "divine nudges" about songwriting that I finally listened, having no idea what I would come up I get lots of ideas for songs.....the stuff I write seems to be kind of a unique combo of folk / gospel / inspiration is about as close as I can call it....It has been a big financial challenge, trying to get recordings done, but I do have some songs that play on my website, along lyrics to some more of my songs posted.... "moving forward with creativity and determination". I have been blessed to have people come into my world that has made it possible to get the songs recorded.

Don't ever give up on your dreams....even if there are challenges...moving forward bit by bit is better than giving up!  God can open any doors, and pull any strings if you just step forward and work on using the gifts you have been given! Blessings!


Location: Yankton, SD
Zipcode: 57078
Country: US

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Peace Is In Our Nature

Category: People
Duration: 00:02:31
Catchy country combining peace, music, nature and God.......Thank you for watching!!
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"It's peace that's in our nature, with a song that stirs the soul...a melody that lifts your spirits the eagle soars aloft, on waves of wind, music's joy can bring you up and make you whole..." (chorus)
"The music of nature, is a language for all the can bring calm and peace, and a joyous soul's rebirth....and orchestra from God's creation, a touch of the song of Heaven....from the dancing notes in a rippling a chorus like a sigh of wind in the trees...."(1st verse)
"As we reflect nature, joyous gratitude we sing, with harmony and love, eternal peace can ring...the softest note or the smallest flower, can melt the hardest heart....for each soul has it's own glorious song....we can use our gifts to bring the new dawn..." (2nd verse)


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