Mike Abrams


Growing up playing drums in the bars eventually giving my life to Christ has given me a unique prospective on life that I love to share through song and testimony. The styles of music you will hear on one CD keeps you from having to search the radio or find another CD in order to satisfy the need for something different.




Location: Florence, KY
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Dont talk the talk

album: From my heart to your heart
genre: Gospel
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Dont talk the talk
Paula Disbrow
03/13/16 03:56:33AM @paula-disbrow:

But actually, I see someone has already given you 5 stars! GLORY TO GOD!

Paula Disbrow
03/13/16 03:54:56AM @paula-disbrow:


GREAT SONG! BOTH in MEANINGFUL, LIFE CHANGING LYRICS and also WONDERFUL, QUALITY MUSIC!  I want to give you 5 stars for this song, but I don't know how to do it. If someone tells me how to do it, or you tell me, I'll do it!

God bless you always, Paula


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