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Growing up playing drums in the bars eventually giving my life to Christ has given me a unique prospective on life that I love to share through song and testimony. The styles of music you will hear on one CD keeps you from having to search the radio or find another CD in order to satisfy the need for something different.




Location: Florence, KY
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Confederate Railroad, Bible and a bus ticket

Duration: 00:01:41
Visiting my son in San Diego listening to his new mini-Taylor and checking out the video quality of my new sony camera.Sorry did not do whole song.
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
07/16/12 02:33:11AM @james-banfields-top-20-songs:

dWow! this is really weird ... I did some research and after the video of your son playing and you singing. it flips over to a multi-screen which there were several songs on the screen. I thought they were yours. But I find that Confderate Railroad was very popular back in the 80-90' and that the song "Leave That Way, You Can Never Go Back" was on of their Biggest Hits. Duh! ... guess you can tell I was a definitely Disco and Contemporary guy. country wasn't in me for sure... lol ... So Is there any connection to that Song? Lookin forward to the New One.... JB

James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
07/15/12 10:15:47PM @james-banfields-top-20-songs:

I was watching the video of the Song where you are sitting on the stool and the guys were all around you... They did a nice blend on the harmonies and the texture of the song.. it was just really moving... When was Confederate Railroad? Jesus and Mama and Leave that way you can never go home are solid songs.. I wonder how the rest were? JB


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