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Based in NY, Miracle Maker is a Christian Rock band dedicated to spreading the Word through music. Their songs described as both powerful, and inspirational are laced with colorful melody and an Alternative Rock edge.

Originally known as Shepherd's Child and later changing to Miracle Maker, the band has been recording independently for several years. They have added a keyboard player (G. Weiss) who's creative talent and musical savvy bring forth a new dimension to their once "Power Trio" type sound. Their message is loud and clear, confirming a new life and the freedom from the bondage of sin through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Now more than ever in this world that struggles to hold on to the reality of God in our lives. We proudly proclaim His mission, life and Word using our music as a vessel. For without God we can do nothing. Its not about us or even the music we play, but for the One who gave His life so that we may live again in Him. Lets fight together to rid this world of the forces of evil by becoming once again strong in Love, faith, in worship, and in prayers. Jesus said "You know not what time the Son of Man will come" "Behold, I come like a thief! Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed." REVELATION 16:15 For such a time is this but another time is coming... Lets prepare the way of the Lord! and not be taken in by false promises and sin, but be reborn through the blood of Jesus. For He is the way, the Truth. and the Life.

"My kingdom is not of this world" JOHN 18:36

Miracle Maker is:
Don Jimenez - Guitar, Vocals
Frank Palermo - Drums, Vocals
Linda Spend - Vocals
Steve Johnson- Bass
Gregg Weiss - Keyboards


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Location: New York, NY
Zipcode: 10110
Country: US

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Miracle Maker
@miracle-maker • 3 years ago
We are stoked to announce the arrival of our NEW EP "Mr perfect".
*NOW ON SALE on iTunes and most Digital Music Sites everywhere.

Miracle Maker
@miracle-maker • 3 years ago
As we begin again a new in 2017. Let our primary resolution be to draw closer to the Lord whom to which Salvation is made manifest in all people. To rise above the opression and hate which has run rapid throughout parts of the world in some way or another. If we can begin to Love one another as God commanded! This is the only way we will succesed as a nation. May Jesus bring peace on earth and end the suffering of Christians that are being persecuted for their belief. Let this nation be truly under God once again. Amen.

We thank IndieGospel for all they do to support the message of Jesus! - and Artists that lift up His name.
May you be blessed in 2017 and always! We love you guys.
- Miracle Maker
Miracle Maker
@miracle-maker • 5 years ago
please feel free to sign our guestbook! add a song, like and follow on fb... - peace, MM