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Miss Kristin has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to Miss Kristin alone. Spilling her guts and rocking out in unison come with warmth and sincerity for this compassionate singer/writer/producer. Miss Kristin Pedderson, is also the CEO and founder of Big Fuss Records. www.bigfussrecords.com) . An original artist with a large body of work, Kristin is a songwriter inspired to make a difference in the world with powerful and positive music. She has overcome many difficulties in order to bring her large catalog to the public. "A Woman In Love" went live June 2013 and "Winning" was released February 2013. A dynamic effort “Masterpiece” was presented June 2012 and "The Elephant Groove” was released January, 2012. All are available in the Big Fuss Store at http://bigfussmusic.com and are receiving worldwide airplay and PR. Kristin prefers to often collaborate with high caliber independent musicians and will often perform much of her own instrumentation. You can read about Kristin in interviews here: http://www.lifebyme.com/miss-kristin-gifts And here: http://popinterview.com/ikristinpedderson.html Recently Kristin was interviewed by Michael Jacobs with PURSUE YOUR DREAMS: http://pursueyourdreamsinterviews.com/2013/05/24/pursue-your-dreams-interview-14-with-miss-kristin/


Location: Campbell, CA
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If there ever were a year to remember...

By Miss Kristin, 2009-12-23
It would be 2009. And now that it's on the way out;

My heart is aware and filled with gratitude for all the provision and support I have received throughout the past year. Many thanks go out to you, my family, friends, and fans for listening, caring and sharing yourself with me so graciously. We have achieved so very much with very little.

The economy has been trying us all and the news is often saddening. Our brothers and sisters, friends and family have had their struggles before our eyes every day, and we love on, and hope on. I am uplifted. Let's keep the faith in strength for this is gonna get good! Just think 2010 is near; What a ring it has!

I am extremely grateful because I met my goals this year.
I set out at the beginning of 2009 to complete three collections.
My three accomplishments this year are:

MARCH ON Released May 2009
(Thank you Emmanuel Sellassie for your collaboration.)
And FREE now being manufactured and set for release February 2010.

I desire to mention honorably Mr. Tom Landry.

Tom is a big blessing to me. Yes... he works for hire... and I'm on the line, but he always comes through and gives me his extra special something every time. He is one of my best friends and I love him to death! So thanks to God for bringing Tom Landry into my life and causing us to be joined in creativity! Make sure you check him out and consider him for your next project. He's a real gem! The real thing baby!!!

Also, I would like to thank Robert Berry for his regular two cents of great advice and of course his musicianship! I am one lucky girl to have such great talent surrounding me. Everyone who has participated in my creative en devours...I bow to you. It really means a lot to me your helping make my dreams come true!
Please shop iTunes for my whole collection.

Stay tuned more to come in 2010!
Happy Holidays!!

Miss Kristin
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End Of Summer Newsletter 2010

By Miss Kristin, 2010-08-24
Expecting An Indian Summer August 2010

Summer is nearing it's end and being a warm weather girl, I'm setting my sites toward an Indian Summer. (In more ways than one)

The "Free" CD has been shipped to radio around the world and we have had quite a few positive comments from radio stations and fans who are really enjoying the music! I for one love the single "Indian Summer" and had a great time creating my own video for the music with my handy hi def camera! Please watch it and enjoy the scenery of Sedona, Arizona where much of the short movie was filmed. Watch Indian Summer Here:

I enjoy the concept of this album "Free" and in all I do attempt to incorporate the idea by enjoying creating freely without being too concerned with what people may think. My motto is "Do the best you can with what you've got!" and I live by those words and am thoroughly enjoying the journey! If you have yet to see the "Free" video you may watch it now: Watch The FREE Video Here:

My home is presently in renovation as we are building a new rehearsal space in the garage.The guys are underway with sheet rock and whatever else is needed for soundproofing and such.

I have been invited to play gigs and have more requests coming so my hope is to get the rehearsal room ready and then get underway with the next stage of Miss Kristin music. Now I have performed live for some time solo and with various groups, but the time has come for me to up my game and dial the show in! So stay tuned we will have much more coming for you in the future.

It's A Love In Baby!

The next NEW collection "Whole In My Soul" is about complete and will be released in the near future. We have a track we would like you to grab as a thank you for your continued support. The uplifting and unique "It's A Love In Baby!" is yours free for being a friend of Miss Kristin! You can grab it here: It's A Love In Baby! and watch the new It's A Love In Baby! video here:

And if that weren't enough, we also have in production another great collection titled "Miss Kristin's Elephant Groove" featuring the awesome talented Billy Hyatt on guitars with a few more special guests for musical production assistance. "Miss Kristin's Elephant Groove" is a Funky collection with some R&B style and radio singles we know you're gonna love! I just love the freedom of creating within different genres. I find a wider audience for my independent music and more often than not I surprise myself creatively and learn so much! Stay tuned, Lord willing "Elephant Groove' will be a 2011 release!

Have a wonderful Indian Summer friends!

Miss Kristin

New Music for a New Age!

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One hypothesis for the evolution of human imagination is that it allows conscious beings to solve problems (and hence increase an individual's survival fitness) by use of mental simulation.

The essence of Kristin’s magical compositions on her upcoming collection “Whole In My Soul” for Big Fuss Records , consciously reveal a landscape of grace in our world and what might be, through sight, sound, and emotion.

Envisioning her own imagination preceding reality; Kristin envelops musical life experience of the sixties, seventies,

composing for a new time with songs like “It's A Love In, Baby”, “The Whole World Knows” and

“Show Me What Love Is”. Kristin contagiously elevates and transcends time beautifully using her own life as


Kristin’s ability for creating personal realms within her idealistic mind from elements derived from sense perceptions of the shared world, seem to transcend the norm and set her apart as one of the great writers of our time.

“Whole In My Soul” again features the influential guitars of Tom Landry and is set for a January 2011 release.

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Masterpiece is the latest effort from Miss Kristin who has released her own indie music on the Big Fuss Records, Inc. label.  Kristin is thrilled to be presenting her catalog in “real time” and has opted to give priority to digital delivery of “Masterpiece” over physical.


The verdict is out – the world is headed for an unprecedented exodus into digitization. Every aspect of human life is going the digital way. Miss Kristin and her new “Masterpiece” collection, are among the recent entrants into the digital space. Today, Miss Kristin’s new music releases have slowly but persistently gained digital momentum.


A large section of Miss Kristin’s audience today, is net savvy. Social networking sites and media sharing portals have become essential, vital and inevitable to ordinary man’s everyday routines. New digital releases have a gamut of advantages in relation to an independent CD release. Digital releases circumvent large album cutting costs.


Miss Kristin has a large catalog in the works and another collection set for the fall. An typical independent CD release involves costs of printing, designing and packaging of the physical CD jackets.  This apart, distribution and logistics management come at augmented costs these days. Digital releases, on the contrary, happen at the click of a button. They take much less time and financial investments, with respect to the release. 


Miss Kristin opted to release “Masterpiece” music directly from her label website as a pre-lease before using services such as CDBABY and Amazon.Com, so fans could receive the tracks in real time! The digital music release is a welcome option when specific target audiences are considered.


Miss Kristin is a music artist who has chosen a slow and steady commitment to release her brand of adult contemporary rock music.  The independent music releases are a step forward for the new age of digital enlightenment and with Miss Kristin’s extensive catalog.
“Masterpiece” is a precious child where mother Miss Kristin produces and performs most instruments herself to deliver her own original brand to the masses with a true entrepreneurship and fresh talent.


Learn more by visiting http://misskristin.com

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Miss Kristin is the owner of Big Fuss Records, and has been creating her own brand of original indie music for over ten years.  She is completing work in the studio on a new collection aptly titled “Winning”.

Female singer songwriter Miss Kristin has found her stride in her unique and timely music productions. Kristin is nearing completion on her next assortment of positive rockers, titled; “Winning” for Big Fuss Records.  

Winning” is a powerhouse selection of upbeat pop rock tracks intended to encourage and lift fans. Kristin often sings of the importance of accepting change as a way of life. She ultimately delights in empowering her listeners in pursuing and discovering their own personal dreams and success.

The new album “Winning” from Miss Kristin is a selective mix of optimistic song writing, positioned for free streaming and early pre-order purchase at www.bigfussmusic.com . Kristin keeps a constant flow of interesting and timely music delivered digitally via social networks, and radio.  The internet has revolutionized the music world and the way people listen to songs and Kristin holds fast to the understanding, “content is king” for an internet age. 

“Winning” is twelve new original tracks with one bonus instrumental. Miss Kristin has honed her formula for a winning outcome, with songs titled; “Big Time”, “Dangerous Love” and the irresistible “Copacetic Cat”.  The bonus track is an instrumental version of “Copacetic Cat”, which features Tom Landry on accordion.  The thirteen songs are a relevant journey through trials, testing, and ultimate success.

Miss Kristin has altered her approach in distributing her powerful blend of rock music and utilizes social networks for sharing and streaming. Her fans appreciate the effort. Staying in the public eye means producing more great music with consistency.

Learn more by visiting http://misskristin.com






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Miss Kristin has been self-producing and developing her original music collections in theme oriented sets. Recently she has just completed another anthology; "A Woman In Love". The new music comes on the heels of "Winning", "Masterpiece", "The Elephant Groove" and "Whole In My Soul".


People who believe that everything in life happens for a reason will fall in love with Miss Kristin and the stories behind her large catalog of songs. The musical chronicle of her catalog stems from personal life experiences that reveal a soulful heart others discover in themselves. 

In the midst of a great tragedy, something incredibly trans-formative occurs.  For Miss Kristin, that transformation came in the form of metamorphosing into a spiritual lyricist capable of bringing together a number of artists from a number of genres to create music proficient at bringing a smile to the face and a tear to the eye.

Miss Kristin has always had the need to bring joy and hope to others and isn't in the music business for the money, although money is a relevant issue in Kristin’s songwriting.  She knows that it is her soul’s mission in this life to connect with as many people as possible and soothe them with her words. 

Kristin has been self-producing and developing her original music collections in theme oriented sets. Recently she has just completed another anthology; "A Woman In Love". The new music comes on the heels of "Winning", "Masterpiece", "The Elephant Groove" and "Whole In My Soul".

Miss Kristin may be the driving force behind helping others find their own truths and forge their own paths.  Even though she knows that the path may be winding and frightening as her listeners plow into uncharted subconscious waters.  It is through her music that listeners learn that everything is going to be all right.

Originally attending school to become a hair stylist, she put her dreams of becoming a professional musician on hold until she could no longer ignore the nagging voice in the back of her mind.  Once she started pursuing her true calling, everything else seemed to fall in place around her.  She knew her life purpose was to reach out to others with an uplifting message of hope through song. 


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