Hi ! Wow, it's approaching that Christmas time of year again. Sure you have presents for the kids, but do you have treats for your radio audience? Included are some original Christmas Songs I hope both you and your audience will enjoy! A quick bio! My name is George Finizio (pronounced Fin-izzy-oh). I made my living singing entertaining, and performing a wide variety of music professionally for many years In numerous resorts in Southern California! This also includes LOTS of work in LA, and surrounding areas! Here are some of my original songs I hope you might consider for airplay on your fantastic show(s) and station! Any airplay would be considered a HUGE honor! Thanks so much for your time and consideration! All songs are tagged, CLEAN, and cleared for airplay! Since the Holidays are sneaking up real fast, I'll include the Christmas Songs first! Dropbox links are below the list of songs. If you like Pop-Rock Christmas songs, check out "It Must Be Christmas!" If you like Pop-Ballad Christmas songs, check out "I Remember Christmas!" If you like Pop-Ballad-Melodic-Rock, check out "It's Over Now!" If you like Pop-Rock (Classic Rock), check out "A Place In The Sun!" If you like Pop-Country-Folk-Rock check out "I've Been A Rainbow Over You!" If you like Pop-Ballads, check out "Soft Lights, Sweet Music, And Satin Sheets!" If you like Romantic-Pop-Ballads, check out "Bella Donna!" If you like Classic Rock, check out "Something That Is Deep Inside!" If you like Pop-Blues-Rock, check out "The Professor Of The Blues!" If you like Pop-Progressive Rock, check out "Teardrops!" If you like Pop-Country-Rock-Novelty, check out "I Should've Stayed in Bed Today!" If you like Pop-Folk-Ballads, check out "Je T'aime, I Love You!" If you like Instrumental Electronica, check out "Contentment!" If you like Pop-Ballads, check out "I Must Be Gone Today!" Dropbox Link: Included in the above link are also additional CD, and Song Covers, Pictures, and Bio! Cheers, George Finizio (pronounced FIN-IZZY-OH, or, Fin-IS-E-OH) Any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to email me! George Finizio Web Links: Facebook: Twitter: Reverbnation: Spotify: On Instagram-- All instruments played and/or performed by George Finizio, John Jorgenson, Gary Frisbie. All copyrights owned by George Finizio, and Gary Frisbie, all songs are originals and totally clear for airplay!


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