Myke Clements is a Los Angeles Based Christian Musician. Myke got his musical start playing for the hardcore band Hepafilter. In the winter of 2011 the band retired so Myke set out on his own, recording several singles and putting together an electronic worship EP under the name Ambience in Motion. Then in the fall of 2012 Myke began work on a folk/acoustic album, inspired by his love of Zombie movies. The album features 10 songs telling the stories of survivors living in a post zomapocalyptic world trying to survive and rebuild. “Biters and Roamers: Chronicles of the Undead” was released February 2013. Myke is hard at work on his second album, titled "No Worry, No Sorrow,” an instrumental album featuring upbeat rock and cinematic pieces. You can get in touch with Myke on social media and his website.



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