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Introduction Name is Rob Harge I go by Rob originally from Connecticut now living in North Carolina or as some would say the Cacacalacky I’m sorry I digress anyways I use to be in a band called The Embassy back in the 80’s we laid a track or two but never did get that lucky break. I took music lessons back in high school and played in the honors band competing against other schools throughout the state of Connecticut. The instrument of choice back then was the trumpet. That is when I officially took music seriously however I can recall being impressed deeply by the sound of brass as early as 5 or 6 years old. The experience is still very vivid in my mind it was the first time my parents took my younger brother and I to Disney World still my favorite vacation spot to date. I can recall my uncle and Aunt sharing the experience at this special event as well. We were walking through the park just taking it all in when all of the sudden I heard a live brass band playing from the distance. We followed the melodic sound till we found the source and then it hit my body started moving as though some strange force took over me. I was dancing like there was no tomorrow at least in my mind I was dancing realistically it probably looked more like I was spazzing out. My parents were in shock trying to understand what took over this typically quiet and shy little boy. My uncle got a kick out of it and cheered me on and his encouragement spread to the people passing by and before you knew it there was a crowd surrounding me and cheering me on. My very first taste of short-lived stardom well I did not realize it at the time, but that was a sign that one day I would be playing one of the instruments that have left such a lasting impression on me. Now married to my Nubian Queen who originally taught me how to play basic piano and have a Son and Daughter and she is also very talented in art and music. Over the years, I have accumulated music equipment such as a digital/analog sampling keyboard still working today “Ensoniq ASR10”. The very same equipment used by Rap artist Kanye West and The Alchemist just to name a few. I have since combined my old school studio knowledge with my PC skills and new equipment and software for new innovative and original projects. Influences Far too many to name I love music from a multitude of artist in genres varying from Contemporary Gospel to Funk, Jazz, Rock, Reggie, Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B from the 60’s to present. I absolutely must mention my 1st and biggest influence in music was my Farther who was inspiring in too many ways to mention here. One of them is when he belonged to a gospel group in the 60’s called “The Bell Tones”. They traveled all over the New England States Including New York and even in some Southern States and they were loved and respected by many. Bragging Rights Dived more into the technical aspects of the recording studio equipment and taught myself how to use different components mixing board, EQs, Compressors, Reverb, Insert effects and etc. Self-taught Studio Musician, Studio Engineer, Drum Programmer, and Sound Designer. Present Services Music tracks and sounds effects for Gaming Industries, Movie’s, TV Net Work, Radio Stations, and a variety of advertisement projects. Music Licensing projects, Custom Instrumentals, Instrumental music for sale Specialize in Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Gospel with Hip-Hop Flavor and R&B with a focus on originality. More services coming in the future




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