Membership Levels and Benefits


Ning Migrants

This is a temporary holding account, only for those who migrated from our old Ning network. Please  log-in  and choose either a member or artist account (free or premium) with the link under your profile picture. Until you do, the system cannot promote your content, and your abilities are limited. 



Free Accounts

(New members sign-up for a free account  HERE )


Support for unlimited blogging, images, discussions, comments, groups, tagging, rating, and 5 custom pages. Simultaneous status updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Sales through Paypal, keep 100%. Fast import tools for youtube, vimeo, soundcloud. and flickr. Space is restricted to 50 MB, upgrade to a Pro Member account for more space and features. 


Same as a member but adds native audio/visual support with download sales. Space is limited to 100 MB. Most account settings and features are enabled, but some premium services are not. Most notably, free artists are "locked out" of exposure in the featured advertising categories, but are still in the running for top song, top member, and so on.

WAAOM Charity  

Reserved for charities who are approved WAAOM partners. All features unlocked, full ecommerce, 3GB space, radio and other promotion.



Premium Accounts

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Pro Member 

Same as a free member, but with the ability to create 25 custom pages, and a forum. Integrated shopping cart with unlimited sales, keep 100%. Space is increased to 1 GB, advanced HTML enabled, upload file size is increased to 250 MB, upgrade to a Promoter account for even more space and features. Monthly USD 3.00 


Same as a Pro Member but with unlimited pages, native audio visual support, 2 GB of media space, file uploads up to 500 MB, and the documentation module unlocked.  SJV status at Eagle Ads for promotions. Monthly USD 5.00 

Gold Artist 

Same as a free artist but comes with full ecommerce through our integrated shopping cart, where you keep 100%. Advertising in our featured spots, plus JV status at Eagle Ads for self promotion. An active 15 second radio promo, 2 GB of fast dedicated server space, priority support, up to 1 GB file upload size, advanced HTML enabled, unlimited pages, and most features unlocked.  Monthly USD 5.00 

Platinum Artist 

Comes with all the features of the Gold account but adds SJV status at Eagle Ads for self promotion, a 30 second radio promo, 4 GB of fast dedicated server space for your files, and ALL account features unlocked. Monthly USD 10.00  


Same as a Platinum artist account but with 3 active 15 second radio promos, 1 active 30 sec promo, and 10 GB of fast dedicated server space. Most significantly, it allows the creation of 25 artist or member profiles under one account. One manager, rep, producer, or small label owner can have administrative control of their client's accounts, plus enjoy a bulk discount rate. Monthly USD $25. (If you require more space or account slots ask for a custom quote.)


 Please use the contact form  if you have questions. Custom accounts can be created on request.