Indie Gospel's Top 20  songs and the  Top 10 Videos  are out for May. Please make sure you are following  James Banfield  to get the latest news on the song list. Tune in Fridays and Saturdays at 3 PM Eastern on  Indie Gospel Radio  to hear the Top 20 on air.


Trust In The Lord by Jesse Cann is  the top song for May. It's a single that has it all. A catchy style, good vocals, and an awesome message. When Love Comes From the Heart  by "The jimmyd Band"   took the top video spot. It's very simple visually but is a lovely song with nice piano accompaniment and a great message.

I would like to remind you that although you can index your youtubes, vimeos, and soundcloud files by the thousands, only songs actually uploaded to the network can be in the Top 20 list or receive radio play. Likewise, only uploaded videos are eligible for the Top 10 list.

512 Our e-commerce system has just been given a huge upgrade, thanks to a suggestion by award winning sales guru and artist E. Pettersen .

Subscribers have always had sales in separate sections of their profiles. Now every form of sales is tied together into a brand new module called  Combined Sales .

You can customize your own personal storefront and sell items of any type, giving you just one URL for promotions. Some examples are under a new menu tab called Member Stores . You can also create unlimited sales pages, each with independent SEO, design space, and product listings, allowing you to run multiple sales campaigns at the same time.



To learn more, I highly recommend you take a fresh look at the new updated  Premium Services page. It succinctly lists the features and services available to subscribers.

The evolving features and power of the Indie Gospel platform are a lot to take in. So I will produce some new training videos and documentation on how to build your account and make the most of our services.

These will be integrated with The FAQ-Help section already established. Meanwhile, if you need help getting your account properly set-up, just write or call toll free below.

Ken Rich

Network Creator