Indie Gospel Newsletter - June 2016

Indie Gospel's Top 20  songs and the  Top 10 Videos  are out for June. Please make sure you are following  James Banfield  to get the latest news on the song list. Tune in Fridays and Saturdays at 3 PM Eastern on  Indie Gospel Radio  to hear the Top 20 on  air.

Never Look Back by E. Pettersen  took   top song and is simply enchanting.   Arthur Roland   landed the top video spot with Midnight Hour . It's catchy, uplifting, and well produced.

I would like to remind those who were migrated from our old Ning network that if you have not yet chosen an account type, you are still in "limbo". Your content is here waiting for you. but the system does not know what to do with it until you log-in and choose an account type. Consequently, you are missing out on many benefits.

We have been making rapid progress on the tech side. Last month a new storefront system called Combined Sales  was introduced. Recently, the editor used everywhere for blogs, pages, comments, etc., was upgraded with new tools and features. Also, on your profile settings page, there is a new selection allowing you to sync your youtube account. If you set it, when you upload new videos at youtube, Indie Gospel will automatically import them to your account during its daily maintenance cycle.

I've installed a new pal script which auto tweets the song playing on our radio to our twitter account and facebook radio page. To avoid spamming people, I currently have it set to tweet every 20th song. I will be modifying the script to tweet ONLY songs from subscribers , as yet another way to reward those who support the network. 

Our RSS feeds were also enhanced. The main ones have been run through feedburner , making them compatible with many services including easy email subscription. Post your content to be included. Create a blog, a song, post in the forum, or a dozen other activities to ride our RSS feeds.

They converge as our main timeline which has been connected to a number of social media platforms. So when you are active or make a timeline post from your account, it doesn't stay on Indie Gospel. It is automatically shared to many top social networks. This is one of several types of advertising explained in  this video , or go to the FAQ section and read FAQ #2 to learn more.

Ken Rich

Network Creator