Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate Program.jpg

On the Indie Gospel network, premium and charity accounts enjoy full eCommerce services. This includes an affiliate program which pays 10% commission to drive sales.

If a seller makes a sale to a visitor who found their content WITHOUT using an affiliate link, then the seller keeps 100% of the sale price (minus the normal transaction fee for gateway costs).

However, if an authorized affiliate uses their time (and or advertising dollars) to post their trackable affiliate link and as a result someone makes purchases within 30 days of using the link, the affiliate will receive 10% commission for their efforts.

The simple take-away message is this - you as a seller have a ready-made sales team, working on 10% commission, who are ONLY paid if they actually MAKE a sale for you. Otherwise, you are keeping the full sale price. Your prices should be adjusted to account for the possibility of affiliate sales.

The affiliate program is open to anyone. So an individual can be both a seller and an affiliate. If a seller uses their AFFILIATE LINK to lead people to their OWN content but the purchaser also shops elsewhere on the network, the seller will keep the full price for their OWN item and make 10% on items bought from OTHER members.

The links work anywhere -  websites, blogs, emails, ad services, or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. T
he program is designed to drive sales by members helping members and also from the efforts of professional marketers who have an incentive to promote Indie Gospel's inventory and services.