Do we give with our motive being to give back? No, we give to honor God in an expression of our love and our trust and obedience and the delight of meeting another's needs.

Pastor Helen Hanna
06/29/12 04:27:41PM

Dear Ones,

Steve & I want to say a big Thank You to those who have sent in or contributed on line sacrificially for our children in Zambia.

We are aware of the challenging economy we have today...however we are more aware of our Fathers word which promises that ALL of our needs will me met according to his riches in Glory.

God does not have a deficit in his kingdom. We also are aware of his kingdom principles. We are blessed to be a blessing and as we release what we have in our hands God can multiply that seed to meet our own needs. Some powerful testimonies have come back from those who have tested and tried Gods kingdom system of sowing and reaping.

Robyn reported for all the many years she has been married they could only afford to rent houses. She started listening to God about releasing what was in her hands and God did exactly what he promised in his word. They are now unpacking in a beautiful new home they were just blessed with. Kingdom reciprocation! Rebecca shared with us that doors of favor and opportunity have opened and increased because of her seed sown.

Luke 6:38 Message Give away your life; you'll find life given back, but not merely given back, given back with bonus and blessing. Generosity begets generosity! ( Beget means a process of reproduction). Your seed reproduces back to you multiplied to meet your own needs!

Luke 6:38 Amplified Give, and gifts will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will they pour into the pouch formed by the bosom of your robe used as a bag. For with the measure you use when you confer benefits on others, it will be measured back to you.

Do we give with our motive being to give back? No, you give to honor God in an expression of your love and your trust and obedience and the delight of meeting another's need. You do according to scripture EXPECT a harvest on your seed sown. Steve & I always pray over the seed that comes through this ministry large or small. We are praying DEUT. 1:11 multiplied thousand fold return because that is the way Holy Spirit directed us too. We are truly expecting to see more house and lands given to you and debt cancellation seen in this season. God desires his people to be blessed to be a blessing for his kingdom advancement. No worries, if you dont believe wont receive it as it takes your faith released in his word to activate his kingdom principles. This orphanage began by faith and will continue to operate by Faith.

Some of our children who are old enough this year to go into 8th grade as our school goes up to 7th grade right now. So we have to PAY to send our kids to 8th grade at a public school. The same thing with our kids that are attending high school we have to PAY for their schooling books and uniforms. They have returned to school from their spring break and we need your help with these extra expenses. They can only attend these schools if the fees are paid.
So thank you Dear Ones for praying and asking the Lord what you can do to help please.

Contributions can safely be made on line
Or mailed to PLWO PO Box 343 Willows Ca. 95988

Thank you for your sensitivity to Holy Spirit on behalf of our precious children.
Much Love & Decreed lavish Favor!
Deborah & Steve & our Children