Patricia Skinner


I am an Inspirational / Traditional Christian singer.

I also have a Ministry called Patspraze Gospel Music specializing in Christian video content for cable TV outlets and streaming. 

I love to sing to the Lord and believe that inspirational songs need a voice. You can read more about me HERE



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How Great Thou Art

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Patricia Skinner
01/14/13 09:16:40PM @patricia-skinner:
This was recorded at a singers retreat at another church--I video taped the whole program to put on my "Patspraze Gospel Music TV program--it aires weekly on 4 local cable stations. I was singing to a soundtrack but the congregation was singing along too. Yes I do love the hymns. I sing them regularly at area nursing homes and retirement communities...they love the old songs. I want to record a CD this year with some of my fave hymns. I sing other inspirational songs also and am currently working on a CD I hope to have this spring. Songs from my 1st project project is on my home page here. 9 of the songs are written by friend. I am blessed that you appreciate my ministry.
James J Dougherty
01/14/13 07:08:12PM @james-j-dougherty:

you also have an attractive voice. It looks like you enjoy singing these hymns/songs. I am guessing this might be a special music at your church, though it seems as though the congregation sings the refrain. I am guessing you like other hymns too.


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