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  I love to take the gospel out to where the people are. I sing at church, and community events. Many times I have brought the gospel in song to the homeless, and the needy. Singing in soup kitchens, and food distribution centers.I can also be heard on cd baby, and numerous gospel radio broadcasts all over the world.   I would love to come and sing at your church, or church related event. You can call me at 603-978-9494, or email me Thank you


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Just a little talk with Jesus

Just a little talk with Jesus

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Peter Beauchemin
08/20/20 03:05:13PM @peter-beauchemin:

If anyone wants to see me I post concert videos to my facebook page on thursdays. Usually on thursdays around 8pm. 

Peter Beauchemin
08/20/20 03:06:05PM @peter-beauchemin:


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