Phillip Beatty


My name is Phil Beatty and I have traveled the world spreading the gospel through music/song. I am a Gospel recording artist, not just an entertainer. I feel God has called me to take His message in word and song to everyone who will listen. I believe strongly of the need to spread the news of God's love and saving grace to non-believers, to strengthen believers in their faith, and to tell everyone Jesus is coming soon. I have had the honor of being on Christian Network TV and have had a song or two aired on the radio. So, if you know of a church/pastor/music director that would be interested in me singing at one of their memorable events (Grand openings, revivals, concerts, weddings, funerals, camp meetings, etc.) please have them visit my website so they can hear a sample of my music and then they can contact me for any booking info.


Location: Pensacola, FL
Zipcode: 32526
Country: US


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The Day of The Lord's Return