I was born on September 23rd 1956 to Fred and the late Christine Garner. I have 2 younger brothers, Edward Garner (drummer), Dennis Garner (professional musician and producer). Our mother bought a piano and I started making noise which turned to music. At the age of 12 I began playing the piano for Wednesday night prayer meeting. Evangelist Loretta Tinnin encouraged me to play when I thought that I was not good enough. Because of her I believed in myself which is why God has blessed me to play for over 50 years at various churches and occasions. We have never had a music lesson. Our talent is God Given. I use my voice to Praise God for his Greatness. God has Blessed Me To Bless Others. I have 1 son (Charles Mitchell) my granddaughter( Isabella Mitchell), my grandson (Kobe Mitchell) he is also a drummer.


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