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Clap Your Hands

album: Pastor David Wright & The New York Fellowship Mass Choir
genre: Gospel
streams: 39
audio file: mp3, 10.3MB, 00:04:29
Clap Your Hands
Ken Rich
01/21/16 12:37:32PM @ken-rich:

You have 11 songs on the radio now - this one just missed my last sync of the radio to the database this morning. Probably in a week, I'll update again and this one will get airplay too. 

In fact, I've come to understand that all the music you represent is quality, so whatever you upload is going straight to the favorites folder - which is the well where the actual playlist is drawn from.

01/21/16 12:08:08PM @pushitmarketingandpromotions:

This NEW single Clap Your Hands by Pastor David Wright & The New York Fellowship Mass Choir (The Next Generation)  is awesome. It will have you clapping your hands and giving God praise. The band and vocals are amazing. Perfect for any church choir.

Godfather Records has produced yet another church choir hit song. From the legacy of the late Rev. Timothy Wright, his son Pastor David Wright stays true to the true sound of traditional gospel with an old classic devotional song with a new twist to it. Professor Craig Hayes is the songwriter and his traditional style fits perfect with that brooklyn church bump. You'll love this song.

Please listen and download it TODAY! https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thenyfellowshipmasschoir


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