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Rachel Belman is a young singer/songwriter with a heart to impact her listeners lives through her music. People everywhere are very much the same. Love, heartache, and joy are emotions unique to our created humanity and music is a gift from God designed to minister to our entire being. Inspiration for Rachel's songs comes from a close relationship with her Creator of whom she daily seeks to diligently follow. He has gifted her with a love for people and for music. She has combined these two loves so that those who listen may be comforted, edified, and embraced with God's love. Her mission is to affect the lives of people around the world in a positive way.


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The People Project

By Rachel Belman, 2011-09-13

My prayer for the lives to touch people around the world is being answered! Several songs from In Your Light have been playing on the pop charts in South Korea and the song Hope even reached the number one position on Duam, the leading music chart in Korea. I even received word today that people have heard these songs in McDonalds and Nescafe (Korea's version of Starbucks). Please help me continue this ministry by visiting www.rachelbelman.com and joining The People Project.


The People Project


The People Project is an opportunity for you to help me touch the lives of people around the world. The Lord is impacting the lives of people in every nation with music that contains a message of love, hope, and encouragement. His calling for me is to share the songs He has inspired within me, with all who may happen to listen. In Your Light has been heard by people on every continent and I'm humbled by the reports of lives affected by the music that has come from my heart.

Your support will allow me to continue the ministry of changing the lives of people from all walks of life and from every nation. When the new album is finished, you will be sent a link to download the entire new album at no cost. For 99 cents a month, you will receive the song of your choice each month from the In Your Light album, and when the new album is produced, you will receive a download of the entire new album for free!

The goal of The People Project is to partner with 2000 people who will assist me in touching lives with the songs from In Your Light and to produce the songs for the new compilation to be released next year.

How? Download one song a month from this website for ten months. If you have purchased the music previously, please feel free to participate by downloading a song each month and sending it to someone in your life.
Remember to sign up for The People Project at www.rachelbelman.com and to download one song a month for the next ten months from www.rachelbelman.com . Help us reach 2000 partners by sharing this vision with others.

If you are already on the mailing list at www.rachelbelman.com , please send an email to fan_support@rachelbelman.com and request to join The People Project.

With Love,


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