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I have released three CDs and five songs nationwide. I would like to visit your church and share in song and personal testimony.

I went from an athlete, to a wheelchair, at the young age of 18. More tragedy followed, with drug and alcohol addiction, and the death of my wife from a drug overdose. Then Jesus said "LIVE" and my transformation began.

With your help, God can use me in your area to reach the lost for Christ, and to be a blessing to your church. For bookings, please call:

(910) 655-0417 or message me at:


Respectfully Yours,
Randy Ward,

Gospel on Wheels - The Man In The Wheelchair - Singing for Jesus .

Randy Ward - My Testimony


Dear Pastors , DJs , Friend,

I am originally from the community of Old Dock, located in rural North Carolina. I was raised at the Boys Home at Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina.

I held the honor of All East Track in high school assuring me a promise of football and track with the U.S. army and the possibility of participating in the Olympics. At the age of seventeen, I joined the U.S. Army. On December 25, 1970, while home on leave for the Christmas holidays, I was involved in a tragic automobile accident. I had not yet reached my 18th birthday and all my dreams and hopes were shattered.

I found myself in a hospital bed, paralyzed from the waist down. Drug and alcohol addiction followed. The death of a spouse. Hearing people tell me that God had done this terrible thing to me. I was ignorant of Gods word. I was furious. I blamed and cursed God for over ten years. WHY! Then one night lying in my hospital room, Jesus spoke to my heart and said, "Randy, I didn't paralyze you. I did allow it to happen, but you're the one who did it." That was the beginning of my road to salvation.

I straddled the fence for years. I played church and was out in the world. I even attended Bible college. Then, in 2001, the Holy Spirit convicted me, brought me back from my backslidden condition. I am now on the true path. It is an honor and a privilege to work with Jesus. It is a personal relationship and He will be your refuge also (see Psalm 91).

I am an example of the miraculous things that He can do. He didn't give up on me and I am not going to give up on Him! I have sung and been interviewed on the World Hope Broadcast Network, The Grand Ole Gospel House, and the Southern Gospel music's renowned Chicken House.

I have had the honor of performing with such artists as The Florida Boys, Chuck Wagon Gang, The Hemphills, The McGruders, Alabama Spirituals, Easter Brothers, Easter Family, The Red White Family, Mended Vessel, The Nelons, The Lewis Family, The Browns, The Wilburns, Quinton Mills,Kevin Spencer, The Oxendines, View Masters, bentons and 3rd Generation, The Locklears , The Pierce Family, Carla & Redemption, Singing Revelations, Harris Creek, Straight Gate, Cummings Brothers & Bernetta, Nadine & Stevie, New Hope Singers, Tim Bass, Deb Wilson, and many others.

I have released three CDs and five songs nationwide. I would like to visit your church and share in song and testimony about Jesus and my long road back. From All-East Track in high school, football & track in the United States Army, and Olympic dreams, all shattered in a moment. To drug and alcohol addiction, and death of a wife from drug overdose.

Then Jesus said "LIVE". With your help, God can use me in your area to reach the lost for Christ and to be a blessing to your Church. For bookings, please call (910) 655-0417 or message me at  randywardandgospelonwheels@gmail.com

Respectfully Yours,

Randy Ward

Gospel on Wheels - The Man In The Wheelchair - Singing for Jesus.


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